Diamond Rib

Straight Rib Series
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Diamond Rib – Residential or Agricultural:  

The new Diamond Rib panel is engineered for versatility. For years, consumers have been limited to using the same old dull panels for their agricultural, residential or commercial structures. This panel changes that by incorporating the latest metal forming technology with top quality materials to create a crisp distinctive look that meets your long term performance needs. Affordability, strength, style and durability; you asked for it, and now Steel Tile delivers. No other straight rib panel comes close. We are taking the industry to a higher level – They are simply the best!

WALL STEEL MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS 36″ wide profile with 5/8″ high trapezoidal ribs, 6″ on center with one minor rib between the major ribs. FINISHES Perspectra Plus (Weather XL™ Coating System) provides exceptional gloss and color retention. Will not crack, blister or flake and is highly resistant to fading and chalking. FEATURES & BENEFITS Peace of Mind – 40 year limited paint warranty. Enhanced Curb Appeal – maintains consistent, attractive appearance over the long haul. Increased Property Value – protects your investment. Energy Efficient – reduces heating and cooling costs. Enviromentally Friendly Choice – made from sustainable materials that are 100% recyclable. Durable – 26 or 29 gauge high tensile steel provides increased protection from hail damage and high winds. Safety – Metal sheets will not spark and ignite into flames during a fire or lightning strike. Easy-to-order trim and accessory available in the same color as the panels.