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We understand the need to simplify the process of getting an estimate for replacing your roof with metal roofing.

By filling out our form, you’ll receive a free estimate via email—no sales meetings required. You’ll get an accurate cost to install a steel metal roof on your home.

Estimating material and labor costs involves factors like roof pitch, shingle layers, material type, number of stories, accessibility, and details like valleys and dormers. Roofing companies measure your roof, calculate materials, and determine a price per square.

Price differences in estimates usually come from labor, overhead, and profit.

We offer a no-pressure, no-obligation estimate and can advise you on what to look for in estimates. We guarantee professional service, guidance, and the lowest price without compromising quality.

Our estimates use Google Street View and Google Earth, which works for about 95% of cases.

Thank you for considering Metal Roofs Niagara. We look forward to serving you.

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FREE Google Estimates
FREE Google Estimates
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