Dear Valued Customers,

I am Brian Topolinsky, the proud owner of Metal Roofs Niagara. With a robust background in the construction and roofing industry, coupled with years of experience in Retail Sales Management, I bring over 21 years of expertise to the roofing sector.

My journey in roofing sales revealed a common challenge: the disconnect between promises made during the sales process and the actual service delivered. Determined to bridge this gap, I founded New Heights Roofing in 2009. Leveraging my supplier contacts and assembling a team of top-notch tradesmen, I aimed to deliver on the commitment to honest, professional re-roofing at a reasonable price.

My concerns deepened as I observed the prevalent reliance on Asphalt Shingles in North America, despite their known limitations in withstanding our diverse weather conditions. The industry’s focus on selling lifetime warranties, often inconsistent with the true life expectancy of shingles, troubled me. In response, I explored alternatives globally, discovering that materials like Clay, Slate, Concrete, and Metal were common in other countries but often priced prohibitively here.

Driven by the desire to offer superior products at fair prices, I took a direct-to-manufacturer approach, establishing Metal Roofs Niagara in 2012. This model allowed us to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and provide roofing solutions at competitive prices—sometimes comparable to what some roofing companies charge for shingles.

In 2020 we were thrilled to announce the expansion of our presence with the acquisition of our new showroom at 427 Main St E, Port Colborne, Ont. This milestone allows us to extend our exceptional Metal Roofing services to both Homeowners and Contractors. We are no longer a roofing company working out of our pickup truck. We now offer a brick and mortar building giving our customers peace of mind knowing that we will always be here for their needs.

My son, Justin Topolinsky, joined the Metal Roofs Niagara team, ensuring the continuity and growth of our business. We proudly became a Distributor of Steel Tile and Wiseline Metals, further expanding our reach and services throughout the Niagara Region. This addition broadens our offerings to not only include steel roofing but also high-quality steel siding.

In early 2021, we took another step towards enhancing our customer experience by introducing Tops Tools to our showroom. Now, you can acquire top-of-the-line tools from renowned brands such as Milwaukee, Makita, and Dewalt. Our selection also boasts one of the largest assortments of hardware, including nuts, bolts, and more.

Our mission is clear: to become the first company to be able to install a metal roof on your home for fair and reasonable prices. And I believe that in time the others will have no choice but follow. Hence the reason, I intend on “Changing the Roofing Industry”

Our commitment is more than just delivering roofs; it’s about offering unparalleled benefits, extended warranties, exceptional longevity, and fair pricing. When Metal Roofs Niagara installs a metal roof on your house, your neighbors take notice, often calling us for their roofing needs.

Thank you for considering Metal Roofs Niagara for your roofing needs. We look forward to providing you with a roofing solution that exceeds expectations in quality, durability, and value.


Brian Topolinsky
Owner, Metal Roofs Niagara


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