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When looking for a Roofing Company to hire. It is strongly advisable to get 3 estimates. This keeps everyone honest but more importantly it helps you determine a fair and reasonable price to install your roof. There are many factors in estimating Material and Labor when it comes to re-roofing your home. Pitch, layers of shingles, plywood or board, one story or two, accessibility, detail including valleys, dormers, etc. all determine the pricing. All roofing companies measure your roof and figure how many square of material it would take. They consider all the factors above and then decide on a price per square. Assuming all estimates are equal and they are completely installing a new roof according to standards. Each company requires the same amount of material. The difference in price is labor, overhead and profit. We all know that not necessarily the lowest estimate is the better choice, but at least by having 3 estimates you will have a better understanding as to the cost of your roof, you can then decide who you feel the most confident and comfortable with to install that new roof. I will be more then happy to provide you with a no pressure, no obligation estimate. I will also advise you on what to look for in your estimates. None of us enjoy spending our hard earn dollars on a new roof, I know myself I would rather take a vacation. My promise to you is I will provide you with professional service, advice if needed, answer any questions you may have and provide you with a guaranteed lowest price without compromising service.
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