Tuff Rib

Straight Rib Series
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Tuff Rib Panel – Residential or Agricultural:

Tuff-Rib is our most affordable metal roofing system. A generous 36″ coverage, category leading finishes, and high production volumes combine to ensure that everyone can afford a quality steel roof system.

An integrated anti-siphon groove on panel laps allows Tuff-Rib to be installed on roofs as low as 2.5:12. Strong 3/4″ trapezoidal ribs enable installation over solid deck and open frame applications.

Tuff-Rib is at home on residential applications but functions well as a light commercial panel as well.

One of our most popular and affordable panels, Tuff Rib is a jack-of-all-trades for metal roofing, siding, and modern accents. Originally designed for traditional and agricultural buildings, this Ribbed Steel Roof Panel is built to last and stands up to wind, hail, snow, and rain.   

Finish it off with a sleek-looking trim and this Rib Steel Roof Panel shines as a residential roofing system. Install the panel horizontally as a wainscot and you’ve got a modern-industrial accent that makes your project stand out. You can count on Tuff Rib to take care of business on commercial builds, or protect your family from the elements. Our Ribbed Steel Roof Panel has you covered.